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One of London’s biggest draws is its nightlife scene. With pubs seeming to line almost every street, there is no shortage of things to do once your work duties are done for the day. If you’re tired of hitting up the same pubs, continue reading to discover some of the best themed bars located in London!


Cahoots London

Located in Kingly Court, Cahoots London is a 1940’s themed bar set inside an abandoned train station. Enter by descending a staircase made to look and feel as if you are heading to the underground train. Once you enter, you will find a lower-level speakeasy with a lively feel. You’ll be given a menu that is designed to look like a 1940’s newspaper. You can choose to sit in the control room or in the “bunker” seating, which is a dimly lit, intimate space fit for two. This bar will transport you back in time while you sip on handcrafted cocktails.


The Bletchley

Have you ever wanted to become a spy? Enter The Bletchley, an immersive bar in which patrons can use their investigative skills to create their own cocktail recipes through using World War 2 Enigma machines. Release your inner Sherlock Holmes and engage in a truly unique experience. You’ll even be able to wear a trench coat during your visit! If you wish to forgo the experience, you can still enjoy drinks in the vintage environment without creating a cocktail.


Laki Kane

If you want to bring a bit of the tropics to the infamous rainy city of London, Laki Kane is a great place to begin. Stepping into this tropical cocktail bar will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a jungle or a cafe in the likes of Hawaii. Choose from a variety of fun cocktails and consider participating in an immersive experience. The bar offers fun educational classes on rum making, cocktail making and more. This is an enjoyable way to spend the evening and learn a new skill you can impress your friends and family with.


Roller Nation

Indulge in one of your favorite childhood pastimes while also indulging in one of your favorite adult hobbies at Roller Nation. This retro-style roller skating nightclub offers a disco, a DJ, a great outdoor space and tasty drinks. While this nightclub is much more lively than the aforementioned bars, it is an entertaining place to experience a bit of your childhood again while enjoying your favorite adult drinks. If you’re looking for an active night out, consider hitting up this “nightclub on wheels,” as the establishment likes to call itself.