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With the weather finally heating up around the country, it is time to start using the grill again. Nothing signifies the start of summer more than grilling and eating your first meal outside. The hot flames of the grill create a unique flavor profile that you cannot replicate indoors. Taking the time to enhance your techniques will have you ready to impress everyone at the first cookout. These are the four most crucial summer grilling tips you must follow this year.

Clean the Grill

The first thing you need to do before starting any meal is to make sure the grill is clean. You do not want your food getting flavored by something you cooked last weekend. All you need to keep a grill clean is a firm metal brush. Scrape the grates until there are no more food pieces on the grill. This process is a lot easier when the grill is scorching, so it is best to clean right after starting the fire.


Only Flip Once

Most novice cooks think they need to constantly flip their meat on the grill to prevent it from sticking, but this is not the case. You should only flip the meat one time the entire cook. This will create a better sear on the meat. If the meat is sticking to the grill, then it is not cooked enough. Give it a little more time, and you will have no problem flipping.

Don’t Squeeze Meat

There are far too many home cooks that love to smash down on their meat when using a grill. While this may create an impressive fire show, you are ruining the flavor of the food. Pushing on the meat forces all of the juices and fats out. If you push down enough, then you will end up with flavorless and dry burgers.

Let Meat Rest Before Serving

It is hard to refrain from eating right after pulling the meat off the grill, but it simply must be done. You need to allow the meat to rest for a least five minutes. This resting time allows the juices to distribute throughout the meat. It also ensures the juices do not gush out when slicing the meat.