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From the dawn of creation, humans remain in search of new ways to prepare and eat foods. Food innovations might involve combining flavors or textures to create a new dish. Other inventions might involve simply modifying an old standard. There are a number of dishes introduced in the last decade that quickly gained notoriety.

Doritos Locos Taco

In 2012, Taco Bell introduce the Doritos Locos Taco, which sold hundreds of millions in the first year. The simple concept involved using Doritos flavored tortillas for the taco shell. The initial taco featured a nacho cheese-flavored shell. One year later, cool ranch and fiery Doritos shells were added to the taco choices. But, by 2019, the latter two Locos Taco shells were removed from the menu. Today, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos remains a hit.

Organic Water Bottles

Plastic has become the scourge of the planet. Objects made from the material litter beaches around the world along with being a hazard to wild and marine life. The Notpla Limited company created organic food packaging that accommodates everything from water and other liquids to various foodservice needs. The unique packaging concept consists of processed seaweed and other plants. The containers are edible and remain intact for up to six weeks.

Insect Flour

Many cultures around the world include insects in one form or another to meet their daily nutritional needs. Novice and professional cooks often dehydrate and flavor, saute or deep-fat fry the pests. Consuming insects is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Plus, bugs have nutritional significance. Insects are high in protein, fatty acids and B complex vitamins. Secondary to suffering from food allergies, Charles Wilson evaluated the prospect of adding insects to his diet as a viable source of protein. By 2014, he established Cricket Flours to share his concept with consumers.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

People living with celiac disease, and other disorders that require gluten-free diets, must forgo a number of tasty dishes that often include pizza. Gail Becker has sons living with such disorders and was continually in search of ways to accommodate their diet. She developed the concept of creating pizza crust using cauliflower. The idea caught on with many including vegans and is now considered a more nutritious alternative.