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For 2021 certain food trends are taking off. While some were expected, others have been a surprise. But each trend points to a shift in the way people view the effects that their diet has on their health.

When times are tough, people look to make the food they already have stretch, in lieu of spending money on more. That being said, one of the new food trends for 2021 is pantry meals. This involves taking the items one has and finding new and creative ways to turn them into breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

In a world that is constantly changing, many people are now beginning to cook as a way to maintain their mental health. People are making dishes that include the ingredients that are the best for the mind and body. With so many to choose from, this makes cooking more interesting than it had been before.

As people become more aware of what they are eating, many are now adopting a type of diet called flexitarian. In many ways, it mirrors a vegan diet, with the exception that it is alright to eat meat occasionally. These people often spend their weekdays cooking and eating plant-based foods, while allowing themselves a little more freedom during the weekend.

Environmental concerns are also playing a part in the foods people choose to eat. One new trend is to consume as many low-waste foods as possible. These are foods that use minimal resources to preserve their freshness until they are purchased, cooked, and eaten. The low-waste food trend also involves using up scraps of food that people would previously throw out after a meal. This year’s focus is on not wasting anything that can be put to good use.

With so many different cuisines throughout the world, people are now combining them more than ever before. This opens up many new possibilities when it comes to preparing meals. Some of the most popular fusions of cuisines include Chinese-Peruvian and Mexican-Korean.

A growing number of people are also now baking their own bread at home. This includes types such as white, sourdough, and rye bread. With a bread maker and a few ingredients, its easy for people to bake their own, fresh loaves.