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Cooking shows appeal to fans for many reasons. Watching a celebrity chef prepare individual foods or complete meals enables amateur cooks to learn skills and techniques formerly only known by professionals. The foods prepared often inspire people to broaden their culinary repertoire and try something new. Many shows remain a hit with viewers.


The Chef Show

In 2014, actor Jon Favreau starred in a film called “Chef.” Favreau portrayed a frustrated restaurant chef who ventured into the food truck business accompanied by his son and best friend. In preparation for the film, the actor learned techniques from professional chef Roy Choi. The two reunited in 2019 to take viewers on a journey that showcases various cultures and cuisines. Along the way, the two are often joined by celebrity guest stars.


The Great British Baking Show

Each season, the popular show pits a group of amateur bakers against one another as they create sweet and savory dishes to win the approval of celebrity chefs Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. The angst-ridden participants prepare their specified recipes. Some of which are virtually unknown. Noel Fielding provides comic relief in an attempt to alleviate some of the stress. Weekly eliminations require that one baker leaves until three remain. In the end, one guest receives the coveted great baker award.


Street Food

Street food represents the unique foods and meals often prized by locals throughout various world cultures. The selections are typically readily available and inexpensive, making them favored by people on the go and tourists. The show takes the audience on a journey worldwide to learn about the lives and talents of street vendors and the meals they commonly prepare.


Nailed It!

The humor-filled show challenges amateur bakers to mimic displayed masterpieces created initially by talented professional chefs. The program presents individuals or duos who accept the challenge. Viewers get a ring-side seat throughout the intriguing process. The final results are judged by pastry chef Jacques Torres and comic actor Nicole Byer. After completing the day’s requirements, the top baker, or bakers, wins $10,000.


The American Barbecue Showdown

Each season brings the best pitmasters from across the country to compete against each other while preparing and presenting their favorite recipes and techniques. Eliminations occur weekly until one lucky individual receives the American Barbecue Champion title.